It's really all about you

It's your wedding​ and it should be exactly what you want it to be 

It's About You

IT'S REALLY ALL ABOUT YOU - An important role of the marriage officiant is to give you guidance in crafting your wedding ceremony to your liking.  Marriage ceremonies often follow a predetermined format., but that doesn't mean they can't reflect your personality, values or belief.  Your family and friends can be included too.  I offer advice based on decades of professional experience with over 1300 marriages and together we create a memorable marriage ceremony.  I provide a simple online tool that is easy to use and gives you freedom to modify your ceremony as much or as little as you want. 

LET'S TALK ABOUT SOME ESSENTIALS - Generally speaking, there are some key elements that are included in most marriage ceremonies. GREETING your guests is important and helps them feel welcome.  READINGS, POETRY, PRAYERS OR SONGS can set the mood, ENCOURAGEMENT is shared with the couple to give them hope in the new life they will now share.  WEDDING VOWS or promises are made to each other.  This is a really important moment.  RINGS  are often exchanged as an outward sign of the inward act of fidelity.  This is a visible reminder of the commitment you have made. THE PRONOUNCEMENT OF MARRIAGE  is what everyone is waiting for and then THE KISS seals it.  Proclaiming their love, the newly married couple exits to the cheer of their guests.

FEEL FREE TO ADD OTHER FUN THINGS - The essentials are key to a meaningful and complete ceremony; however, you may want to consider adding other elements.  Personalize your ceremony any number of different ways. 

WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT FROM ME - The day of your ceremony, I arrive and speak with you to see if you have any last minute questions that haven't been answered in our previous conversations.  I check the marriage license to ensure that everything is in order. I introduce myself to parents and grandparents if we have not already met.  I am dressed in a formal black suit, white shirt and conservative tie.  I do not wear any color that will distract from your color scheme. My delivery style is relaxed and friendly.  My goal is to keep the focus on the couple.  My public speaking experience is evident in a well paced, clear delivery.  I rarely read any of my material which assures that eye contact is made with you and your guests.  This creates a conversational feel.  At an appropriate time after the ceremony, I complete the requirements for the marriage license and say goodbye.  You receive some final communication from me the following week after I have fulfilled my obligations with the marriage license.

THE GOAL - A stress-free marriage ceremony that is professionally crafted, relaxed, memorable, intimate and happy.

THE GOAL - A stress-free marriage ceremony that is professionally crafted to keep the focus on you.

THE GOAL - A stress-free marriage ceremony that is professionally crafted to keep the focus on you.